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PLA Filament

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PLA 3D Printing Filament

Buy High Quality PLA Filament From Us At Best Affordable Price. 

The Filament Color Is Comprehensively Quality Tested at Both 100-Micron and 200-Micron Layer Resolutions On 3D Printers to Verify That the Filament Will Perform Every Feature That Software Offers and Reliably Slice and Print Every Type of Printing.

Properties & Using Recommendations 

  • STRENGTH- Tensile strength of 57.8 MPa and Flexural strength of 55.3 Mpa it offers fair strength to be used as most preferred 3D printing material.HARDNESS -Rockwell hardness of R70 to R90.                    
  • PRINT TEMP- Having a melting point of 175°C it can be printed in range of 185°C to 200°C. 
  • PRINT BED TEMP- Print bed temp can be adjusted to 50°C to 70°C for best results.
  • PRINTING QUALITY- With optimum settings PLA can print a pretty decent surface with low shrinking and warpage.
  • SOLUBILITY IN WATER-  Its insoluble in water.
  • FOOD SAFETY- Mostly safe (contact supplier for toxicity information) 
  • USING RECOMENDATIONS- As its most used and available material it can be used for most of the printing but as its brittle material it should not be used at the place where you need to apply force, drop or twist. As far as working temp is concerned it should not be used for temp over 60°C, as it starts to distort at temp higher than 60°C.
  • GENERAL USES- Toys, Containers, Prototypes, Desk organizers, spoons, Occupational therapy aids. 

Post Processing Process:-

There are no such established post processing tool, but some of the mentioned methods are:-

  1. Sandpaper or automatic handheld sanders are widely used for smoothing surface.
  2. ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL can be used as smoothing agent for surfaces of PLA printed parts.
  3. For removing uneven material from surface various handheld heated attachment can be which these instruments easily available in market nowadays. 
  4. Hand polishing with Tetrahydrofuran (THF) is a good option, but proper care and safety measure should be followed to avoid any undesired result.


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Medical Stitching

Surgical Implants

Food Packaging

Disposable Tableware


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