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ABS Filament

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ABS 3D Printing Filament

The ABS Filament Quality Checked by Experts and Safe to Use Up to Longer Years.  

These Filament Are Durable and Smoothly Finished with The Use of Best Machines. Easy to Use, These Products Are Water Resistant and Do Not Get Damaged by Sudden Stretching.

Properties & Using Recommendations

  • STRENGTH- T ensile strength of 44.81 MPa and Flexural strength of 75.84 Mpa

it offers fair strength than PLA.

  • HARDNESS- Rockwell hardness of R105 to R110  PRINT TEMP- Having a melting point of 205°C but it can be
  • printed in range of 210°C to 250°C. 
  • PRINT BED TEMP- Print bed temp can be adjusted to 80°C to 110°C for best results.
  • PRINTING QUALITY- It have overall high strength then PLA, but due to high melting temp warpage due to cooling is high also people observe non uniform layer due to fluctuation of temp, but overall its better than PLA with good toughness and temperature resistance.
  • SOLUBILITY IN – Soluble in esters, ketone, acetone.
  • FOOD SAFETY-  Not considered safe for food 
  • USING RECOMMENDATION- Due to toughness of ABS it can withstand high stress and temperature. It’s also moderately flexible. Together these properties make ABS a good general-purpose 3D printer filament, but where it,s greatly used for items that are frequently handled, dropped, or heated. the most important factor is its cost it mostly cheapest material available for 3D printing. its worst and most cautious property is release of fumes while its printing, the printing area should be properly ventilated or wear a mask. 
  • GENERAL USES- Mechanical prototypes, Lego characters and toys, automotive components, architecture models. 

Post Processing Process

There are no such established post processing tool, but some of the mentioned methods are:-

1-Sandpaper or automatic handheld sanders are widely used for smoothing surface.

2-Acetone vapours can be used as smoothing agent for surfaces of ABS printed parts.

3- For removing uneven material from surface various handheld heated attachment can be used , these instruments easily available in market nowadays. 



Impact-Resistant Material 

Most Commonly Used


Water Resistant


Plastic Automotive Parts

 Moving Parts 

Musical Instruments

Kitchen Appliances

Various Toys Like LEGO

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