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Prepare your design file and upload it through our website. Get the pricing details within an hour. Define the type of material you want to get print your object.

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Immediately after the receipt of your order, the design part goes in our lab and our experienced professionals print your 3D object.

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After 3D Printing your object, the parts are packed in the proper case so that it cannot be damaged and reach your place safely. You satisfied, we are rewarded

Our Services

3d printed mold parts

3D Printing

 3D printing is an outcome of traditional printing, where a layer of substance (Filament) significantly extends the elevation via the use of numerous layers. Therefore it makes sense to expand the definition of printing to include the manufacture of three-dimensional objects this way.

We are a professional 3D Printing service provider. These 3D Printing services are rendered under the direction of experts using best grade 3D technology.

The services offered are highly acknowledged for their promptness, high client satisfaction, cost-effectiveness, and reliability.

Contact us now to explore any 3D printing demands you might have. We can provide design assistance to match 3D printing software so that you get the desired effects, and will provide guidance on the inner arrangement to fit your requirements.

3D Structure

3D Modelling

The ability to make layouts with 3D modelling software can be a massive benefit for any designer. It allows you to create photorealistic designs which are effective for customers.

Convert your ideas into high quality precise 3D parametric models. If you’re not that much of a designer, you can use our 3D modelling service to have the professional designer to design your ideas and convert them into reality.

hand scanner

3D Scanning

3D scanning is widely defined as having a combination of hardware and software to analyze a real-world item or surroundings, collect useful data on its own form and other features, and convert it to a digital version.

3D scanning service for any type of static object made from any material. Any size of the object can be scanned easily by converting it into a digital 3D file of your object within a timeline. The use of 3D scanners can be applied to almost any product to accurately capture the physical dimension.

Our 3D scanning can allow you to find how our cutting-edge technology can assist you and/or your business.

2d drawing

CAD Drafting

The CAD Drafting services offered are for fabrication, Manufacturing and Process Industries. As far as detailing is concerned our team experts will provide complete detailed drawing as per your standard requirement, keeping in mind, the manufacturing process, material.

Our CAD Services is dedicated to providing an excellent cad drafting service that's dedicated to customer sanctification.

You can outsource your style briefs to us and be assured of top quality, quick and effective service which will allow you to meet your own deadlines.

Get in touch with us to get improved ways to deal with the tops and troughs of job workloads, or for lowering your design cost.

3D Printed engine

Our Products

Parmaan 200x200

Parmaan 3d print machine

Domestic 3D Printer

3D printers for homes and tiny companies is easily available. Expect it to change over the upcoming few decades, when 3D printers will become more common in homes --available in the industry, in studios, home offices, as well as in the kitchen

Domestic 3D Printer is a professional, trustworthy and smart 3D Printer. The 3D Printer uses a large build volume and is ideal for beginners, students and manufacturers who want to explore 3D Printing world.

Parmaan 300

Medium Range 3D Printer

3D Printer will become crucial for a human being in the future. For the most part, things made out of 3D printers have experienced homogenous insides, but we will begin to see more complicated creations combining numerous materials and composites, in addition to printable electronics.

Intermediate 3D Printer is best 3D Printer to buy for Professional Engineers with the standard large format. The Intermediate 3D Printer is designed for big manufacturing industries and specialist users.

Parmaan 1 meter machine

Industrial 3D Printer

Software will turn your ideas and designs into physical products. Industrial 3D Printer will print all Industrial needs from tiny to big products requirement.

Industrial 3D Printer are best in the class of 3D Printer with Industrial standard large format. It is built for Manufacturing Industries and specialist users. It is a double nozzle Printer with very large build volume.

PVA filament

3D Filaments

3D Printing Filament allows you to create durable, high-impact strength prototypes and fixtures that save time and money. They have good characteristic property and are highly demanded in the market.

Finding the ideal material for the application is as important as finding a top excellent 3D Printer. Quality 3D Printing Filaments are essential when creating top quality prints.

In the area of 3D Printing, there is a huge selection of filaments, everything from schooling & hobby friendly materials such as PLA to stiff & demanding engineering-grade PolyCarbonates, soft and elastic TPU substances and even Industrial aerospace-grade substances like PEEK.

3d printed church

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Excellent customer service, very competitive pricing and print quality on par with the big 3d printing companies. A really nice guy, too!

- Vinod Mehra

Very Fast Acting and Welcoming to new Idea’s. Will be working with this hub closely as the years follow.

- Anjali Dubey



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